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Automatic Call Recorder Complete Overview

Automatic Call Recorder is a free app that automatically records your phone calls. It’s a neat trick if you want to record all your important phone conversations without having to think about it after the fact. You can capture audio from any call and access the recordings from an online dashboard or directly from your phone. Let’s take a look at how Automatic Call Recorder works, its benefits, and some common usage scenarios. Keep reading for more details!

Automatic Call Recorder Mod Apk

Automatic Call Recorder Mod Apk Technical Details:

NameAutomatic Call Recorder
Latest Versionv6.31.6 [Latest]
Mod FeaturePremium Unlocked
CategoryMod Apk
Original DeveloperAppliqato

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What is Automatic Call Recorder?

A call recorder is a piece of software that automatically records phone calls. Automatic call recorder apps are a bit different. They’re available as a piece of software that you install on your phone, but they also work as a call recording service that’s accessible from any phone number. This means you can record calls from any number, even if you don’t have the app installed on your phone.

Benefits of using Automatic Call Recorder

– Improve your productivity and efficiency: Even the most productive employees can lose a few hours a week to unproductive meetings, conference calls, and other lengthy conversations. With a call recorder, you can jump-start your team’s efficiency by automatically recording your calls and storing them for later review. You can review recordings for insights about what people are talking about and suggestions for where you can improve. – Avoid legal problems: If you’re in the business of offering services or products to customers, you need to be very careful about your communication. You don’t want any of your recordings to suggest that you’re misleading people or making false claims. A call recorder can help you avoid these kinds of problems by letting you record all your important conversations. You’re also less likely to miss something important if you’re recording. – Understand your customers: If you’re in business, your customers are an incredibly valuable resource. A call recorder can help you use those conversations to better understand your customers and meet their needs. By recording every call, you can look back on the recordings and hear what people are saying and how they’re saying it.

How to use Automatic Call Recruiter

– Download the app: First things first, download the app from your app store. You can use it to record calls from your Android or iPhone, or you can record from the web. – Choose a call management plan: The app gives you two options for managing calls: a free Basic plan, or a paid Premium plan. The Basic plan lets you record one call at a time; the Premium plan lets you record up to five calls at a time. – Set up Automatic Call Recruiter: Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll set up your recording settings. You can customize your recording settings, so you can set it to record all calls, or only select calls, like critical meetings or calls with specific clients. – Make a call: When you’re on a call, the app will indicate that it’s recording by showing a red circle with a line through it on your call timer. To stop recording, just tap the red circle. – Listen to your recordings: You can access your recordings from either the app or the website. Sign in with your email.

Record important calls automatically

If you want to automatically record just some of your calls, you can do so by setting up a recording rule in the app. Open the app, tap the settings gear, and select rules. Select Auto Record and tap on Create New Rule. You can set the rule to record any call that lasts a certain length of time, any call that comes in from a certain number, or any call with a specified person in the call.

Record all your calls automatically

If you want to record all your calls, you can set a recording rule to always record all calls. Open the app, tap the settings gear, and select rules. Select Auto Record and tap Always Record. You can set it to record both incoming and outgoing calls, or just incoming calls.

Record a specific contact’s conversations automatically

You can also set up Automatic Call Recruiter to record specific contacts. Open the app, select Contacts, select the contact you want to track, and select Auto Record. You can select the recording duration. The app will automatically record any future calls with that contact.


Automatic call recorders let you record your phone calls automatically. They let you record important calls, all your calls, or just certain calls. And they can improve your productivity, avoid legal problems, and better understand your customers.

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