Norton 360 with Lifelock Review

Introduction of Norton 360 with Lifelock

If you’re looking to protect your devices from viruses, spyware, and hackers, then Norton 360 with Lifelock might be just what you need. But does it offer more than other security programs? Should you switch to Norton? And will it slow down your computer? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Norton 360 with Lifelock before deciding whether or not it’s worth the price tag.

Costs & Conditions

Depending on your computer setup, Norton’s security suite can cost between $59.99 to $109.99 per year (without an annual subscription, you can use your software for free for a limited time—and then you’ll be automatically charged). If you are using a PC and have Windows XP SP2 or later, there is no installation required; if you have a Mac, you will need to download and install a separate utility before downloading Norton Internet Security for Mac.

In our review of Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security, we’ve discovered that both packages include an antivirus engine, firewall, antispam filter, parental controls, phishing protection, identity theft protection and more. The two packages do differ in terms of features; however—and ultimately it’s up to you to decide which of these is more important when choosing between them.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee. If you choose to pay for your subscription using a credit card, PayPal or by check, Norton offers protection against fraudulent transactions and unauthorized charges. However, keep in mind that if you sign up for an automatic renewal after your free trial period has ended, you will not receive any additional discounts or credits for signing up in advance. If you want to continue using Norton’s products after your initial subscription has expired, you will be required to renew it at full price.

Features & Benefits

Norton Antivirus is one of the oldest security software providers in existence. It offers a full suite of protection services, including antivirus and anti-spyware features, firewall protection, anti-phishing tools, and more. The product received its latest update in January 2016 with a suite of new features that are worth checking out if you’re already using an older version. Here’s our Norton Antivirus review to see if it’s worth adding to your PC security arsenal today.

Norton AntiVirus is also compatible with various devices, including Macs, smartphones, and tablets. However, there are some differences in features between different versions of Norton security software. For example, Norton 360 includes extra features like identity protection that make it well worth considering over a standalone antivirus product.

Norton AntiVirus is a top-notch security product that’s worth considering if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution. However, if you’re not running Windows or Mac OS X, check out our list of best antivirus software for more options. And no matter which product you choose, don’t forget to keep your personal information and devices protected at all times.

Getting Started

Norton is one of our favorite virus and malware protection software. The suite is fast, easy to use, and has simple-to-understand features that anyone can utilize. If you’re not familiar with Norton, it comes in two different levels: Norton Internet Security (for one device) and Norton 360 (for up to 10 devices). The internet security version offers basic protection for your computer and mobile devices for about $20/month or $40 per year.

Norton security comes in two levels, Internet Security and Norton 360. These two versions are extremely similar, except that Norton 360 offers additional features to protect up to 10 devices while they’re connected to your computer. If you plan on using more than one device—and most people do—then we recommend you pay for and use Norton 360 instead of Norton Internet Security. Both Norton levels come with a 30-day free trial, so you can try them both out for yourself and see which is best for your needs.

What to Watch Out For

If a free antivirus program seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be careful of anything that purports to cover all your security bases for free but only provides one-way protection. Any company offering you 100% protection for free should raise red flags.

Norton and McAfee both offer free antivirus programs, but we recommend avoiding them altogether. Most experts agree that they aren’t good enough to use as your only line of defense against malware and viruses. Norton AntiVirus Basic, for example, is an outdated program released in 2016 that doesn’t protect you from all common threats on today’s internet.

LifeLock is a service that helps protect you against identity theft. LifeLock has recently come under fire for supposedly not being able to do what they promise, but what’s really going on here? I’ve got plenty of experience with personal identity theft, and I decided to give LifeLock a try. Read on to find out my opinion about these services.

Minimum Requirements

If you’re going to buy any new anti-virus or security suite, make sure that your machine meets these minimum requirements. Anything less and you may find yourself out of luck if something goes wrong. For example, some programs require Windows 7 or higher; others require a 64-bit operating system. You don’t want to spend money on a product only to discover it won’t work on your computer. Before purchasing anything, read all the fine print and look for these basic things first.

Another common feature is malware detection. These days, most products will automatically scan for malicious software when they’re installed. However, just because an app can detect viruses doesn’t mean it will be able to remove them from your device completely—or even at all.

My Thoughts on Norton 360 with Lifelock

Norton is a household name when it comes to security, and I have always been a fan of their products. However, as they’ve expanded into other services—like virus protection, firewalls, backup software, and mobile security—I’ve gotten more leery of their business practices. As such, I was excited to review Norton 360 with Lifelock. Let me tell you what I thought.

Norton 360 with Lifelock combines two of Norton’s most popular services into one bundle. For $19.99 a month, you get both Norton Antivirus and LifeLock Identity Theft Protection—an excellent value! So, I took Norton’s latest security offering for a spin to see how it stacked up against its competition. After using it for four months, here are my thoughts.