Office 365 Migration Services

5 Office 365 Migration Services to Make Your Move Easy

Making the move to Office 365 can be daunting, especially if you’re doing it all by yourself. Luckily, there are plenty of companies who will help with your migration process! We’ve narrowed down our top 5 favorite Office 365 migration services based on the following criteria: client satisfaction, price, technology expertise, and customer service. Check out the list below to find one that’s right for you!

1) Movio

Movio is a SaaS and online service that helps businesses protect and manage their data, user accounts, and apps. A freemium version of Movio is available for anyone who wants to migrate one or two mailboxes; they offer paid services if you want to migrate more than a few email accounts or work with an expert consultant. The Movio tool walks you through migration steps and keeps your end users informed of what’s happening during their transition.

In some cases, migrations can take a few hours. Others may take several days depending on your size, existing platform and network speed. Movio also offers migration services for SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Skype for Business Online. They’re not limited to Microsoft platforms; they’ll help you migrate data from other platforms as well. Movio has been featured in Forbes magazine as one of the best tools for Office 365 users and was named one of G2 Crowd’s Top 100 Most Promising Companies in North America in 2017.

If you’re migrating one or two accounts, you can use Movio for free. For more than a few mailboxes, they offer a paid service. The basic version costs $79 per mailbox; their premium plan is $149 per mailbox. They also offer a $99/month subscription that includes support and maintenance for up to five users. Movio has been featured in Forbes magazine as one of the best tools for Office 365 users and was named one of G2 Crowd’s Top 100 Most Promising Companies in North America in 2017.

2) Delphix

Delphix can help you make your transition to cloud-based software easy by offering a free data transfer service. Delphix can move your on-premises databases into AWS’s cloud storage with little risk, which makes it an excellent partner for migrating your data. If there are any issues in migration, Delphix will provide resolution services for no additional charge. The company offers a six-month guarantee on its services, as well.

Microsoft is one of a few companies that offer a free migration service for its cloud-based applications. This service can help you move your data from on-premises servers into Azure’s cloud storage, where it will be accessible by multiple users and devices. Although there are some restrictions with moving your data, such as not being able to transfer large files or databases, Microsoft’s free migration service makes it easy for small businesses to make their transition.

Office 365 can be a great option for small businesses, but migrating your data isn’t always easy. Enter MailGopher, which offers a fast and inexpensive migration service that helps you move your e-mail messages into Microsoft’s cloud-based solution. Although its services aren’t free—they start at $30 per month—MailGopher helps make migration quick and easy. The company also offers plenty of add-ons, such as voicemail support and temporary mailbox storage.

3) KnowBe4

If you’re considering a Microsoft Office 365 migration, it’s important to know what you need in a partner. For example, an experienced partner should be able to provide assistance with preparing for a migration and performing testing before switching over your data and services. That’s why we recommend KnowBe4. It offers top-notch experts who can handle your migration from start to finish. KnowBe4 even offers virtual workshops and step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

Another critical aspect of any migration project is communication. The average company spends $17,000 on a failed migration—and that’s just due to downtime! That’s why we recommend KnowBe4 for its excellent communication and transparency with clients. Its consultants keep you informed throughout every step of your migration process, so you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly when it comes time to switch over your data and services. KnowBe4 also offers free online seminars and webinars so you can learn about Microsoft Office 365 before making a decision about your migration project. Plus, if you have questions along the way, you can call or email its team at any time—24/7/365!

4) AirWatch Cloud Mobility Management

Cloud computing is a major trend these days, and employees are always looking for ways to do their jobs better, faster and more efficiently. If you’re planning on making an office-wide switch from old legacy systems to Microsoft® Office 365®, there are a number of issues that must be considered. For one thing, it isn’t likely that your entire staff has been using Microsoft products for long—if at all.

But even if they have, switching to a new system can cause some confusion. In fact, according to recent studies by AirWatch®, most users don’t know how to use cloud services like Office 365 properly. Fortunately, there are several migration services out there that can help streamline your transition and make sure everyone gets up to speed quickly and easily.

Here are five top options Your employees will be able to access their data from anywhere, anytime—and you won’t have to worry about things like security or compliance issues. You may also want to look into other cloud-based solutions such as Salesforce® CRM and Google Apps for WorkTM—or consider working with an IT consulting firm that specializes in these types of migrations. For more information on how to get started with Microsoft Office 365 or any other technology project, contact us today!

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5) SmartBear Software, Inc.

There’s no shortage of businesses offering migration services for organizations looking to migrate from on-premises email solutions to Microsoft’s cloud platform. In fact, there are so many players in that space that it can be difficult for companies trying to identify an appropriate vendor. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top five picks for Office 365 migration services providers. This list is based on factors such as customer service experience, project success rate and pricing structure.

Partnering with a quality migration partner is an important decision. It’s one you’ll want to take your time and explore as many options as possible before making a commitment. SmartBear Software has been in business for more than 25 years, and we’ve worked with some of North America’s largest businesses to assist them with migrating applications and infrastructure into Microsoft’s cloud-based platform. If you have any questions about Office 365 or our migration services, please reach out.