Quick Heal Antivirus Software Review

Introduction of Quick Heal Antivirus Software

Do you want to protect your PC from viruses and keep it safe from external threats? Then you should consider Quick Heal Antivirus software, which comes with the best protection from all types of viruses, spyware, Trojans, adware, worms and other threats. It has an easy-to-use interface and provides real-time protection against malware, malicious programs and unauthorized access. Its user-friendly interface ensures that even beginners can use it without any trouble.

Why I like the product

One thing I look forward to in new years is updated antivirus software. While viruses and malware are a fact of life, there are always different ways to fight them. I’ve used a lot of different antivirus software over the years, and Quick Heal ranks among my top choices. Their user interface is extremely clean, while still being intuitive. They seem to provide consistent protection without bogging down your computer performance.

You might be wondering how Quick Heal compares to other antivirus solutions. While each product has its strengths, I think it’s safe to say that they are all quite similar in their capabilities. However, what sets Quick Heal apart is how easy it is to use and understand. When you see a green check mark on your system tray, you can rest assured that your computer is protected.

Overall, I really like Quick Heal. The simplicity of their software is what makes it shine in my opinion. If you need a quick, reliable and easy to use antivirus solution, look no further than Quick Heal! If you want to protect your computer but don’t want a complicated software package taking up space on your hard drive, check out Quick Heal.

How it works

The software is really easy to install and it comes with a very user-friendly interface that makes navigating through its features a breeze. I love how simple and effective it is. It’s definitely my antivirus of choice and I’m not going back!

I can tell that Quick Heal is very efficient because my device has never been infected with any virus since I installed it. I am always protected from malware attacks, thanks to its multi-layered security feature which provides protection against various kinds of viruses. It also protects my data and personal information.

It also enables me to maintain control over my device by allowing me to manage all apps on it. This way, I can easily scan and remove any suspicious or malicious software that might harm my computer.

Quick Heal Antivirus Installation

Like most other antivirus software, Quick Heal’s installation is a breeze. It takes up around 1GB of disk space and hardly eats any RAM when running. You can also schedule scans, allowing you to have Quick Heal work in your system without you having to think about it. Other useful features include anti-theft (which lets you lock your files from others) and web protection (prevents websites from infecting your computer).

However, one thing that really stands out about Quick Heal is its ease of use. It does everything to keep your computer safe without needing you to fiddle with many settings or install unnecessary add-ons. In fact, it even comes pre-configured so you can get started almost instantly. If you’re looking for a hassle-free solution to keep your computer safe without giving up on any features and options, then Quick Heal could be an excellent choice.


Quick Heal antivirus software gives its user complete protection from viruses, worms, Trojans and other malwares. It also keeps a check on suspicious applications running in your computer. This is done by monitoring all system activities in real time. Apart from providing complete security, Quick Heal av gives you total privacy and ensures safe browsing experience over Internet. You can download files without any fear of viruses corrupting it or stealing your confidential information like login details and passwords.

It comes with a powerful built-in task manager that allows you to view all running processes and monitor your CPU usage. It is also very easy to use and can be used by both expert and novice users. Quick Heal av is compatible with almost all types of windows systems, e.g., Windows XP, Vista and 7 etc. You need not worry about compatibility issues while installing Quick Heal av in any type of windows system you are using right now or have used in past.

Features like auto update, real time protection and scheduled scan make it stand out from other antiviruses available in market. With its user friendly interface, you will never face any problem while using it. It is 100% safe and secure as it does not contain any adware or spyware components which may harm your computer at later stages. While downloading Quick Heal av, no additional software will be installed on your computer without your permission.

Quick Heal Antivirus Features

  • Data Breach Alert
  • Data Theft Protection
  • File Vault
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Parental Control
  • Track Cleaner
  • Malware and Virus Protection
  • Safe Banking
  • Hijack Restore
  • Advanced DNAScan
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Game Booster
  • Browsing Protection
  • Anti-Keylogger
  • Smart Scan Engine
  • Firewall Protection
  • Webcam Protection
  • PCTuner
  • External Drive Protection
  • Anti Tracker
  • PCTuner
  • Anti Malware
  • Wi-Fi Scanner
  • Track Your Laptop


Quick Heal has an odd pricing structure. Its entry-level package, Quick Heal Total Security, costs $79.99 a year; a more limited version is free. All three packages include real-time protection and automatic updates for Windows, Macs and Android devices (iOS devices are not supported). Each upgrade adds additional features such as cloud storage and identity protection.

As with many security programs, Quick Heal lets you install protection on every device in your household. If you have an older version of Quick Heal installed on your Mac, though, it may not be compatible with your new operating system.


Quick Heal Antivirus is one of the most powerful tools in any computer user’s arsenal. A reliable security software should always be on your computer and Quick Heal does just that. Its effectiveness, ease of use, and power to keep you safe and sound makes it a must-have for everyone who uses a computer. With quick scan time and minimal impact on your system’s performance, Quick Heal packs enough punch to clean viruses from infected computers.